Our Frame of Sight


The Window, albeit a passage of light, is incredibly multi-faceted. The window is a connection between interior and exterior, a hole in the facade of a structurally sound construction, an opportunity for ornamentation upon a repetitive surface. It evokes feelings of voyeurism, of discovery. My process sought to explore the window as a means of visual art and graphic identity whilst dissecting themes of repetition, structure, and form.

‘Windows’ is a series of projects exploring the window as a form of visual art. I attempt to achieve this by capturing flat, observational images in which the viewer can begin to examine the intricacies of its form. I then treat the image in a manner in which the ‘background’ begins to fade away, leaving only the frame of the glass within the window. ‘Blocks’ is an experiment capturing a city block in the same observational format. This experiment was realized through two major projects; a website, and a series of experimental cards. The website component consists of a scrollable image of a city block and a hover feature that reveals the glass in the windows; while the “Proposal for Space” cards explore my affordance as a graphic designer interested in architecture.

‘F_RM’ is a variable brand identity proposal for a gallery that seeks to draw a graphic identity from my past ‘Windows’ and ‘Blocks’ research. By extrapolating the glass forms from my window images, I was able to create shapes resembling O’s, A’s, and I’s. By substituting and replacing these shapes within F_RM, I was able to create logo marks with the words Form, Farm, and Firm. Solo exhibitions are housed under the label ‘FORM’, duo exhibitions under the label ‘FARM’, and group exhibitions by the moniker ‘FIRM’.