Our Frame of Sight | IDENTITY


‘F_RM’ is a variable brand identity proposal for a gallery or museum that seeks to draw a graphic identity from my past ‘Windows’ and ‘Blocks’ research. The heavily structural form of the window is very evocative of both a grid system and a variety of shapes. By extrapolating the glass forms from my window images, I was able to create shapes resembling O’s, A’s, and I’s. By substituting and replacing these shapes within F_RM, I was able to create logo marks with the words Form, Farm, and Firm. My variable identity both influences, and is influenced by, the artwork that it encompasses. Solo exhibitions are encapsulated by a single window and are housed under the label ‘FORM’. Group exhibitions are portrayed by multiple, skinnier, windows under the label ‘FIRM’. And duo exhibitions (whether they be similar artists, or more experimentally, contrasting artists) are housed under the moniker ‘FARM’.